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Premium CNY Abundance Gift Set

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Fostering prosperity and abundance in the upcoming Chinese New Year, Gifel tea takes pride in presenting the exquisite Abundance Gift Set. Elevate your celebrations with our delectable all-time favorites complemented by award-winning tea.

Premium CNY Abundance Gift Set

All handmade and freshly bake to order :
canister of Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pineapple Tart
canister of ‘Hae Bee Hiam’ Shrimp Rolls
canister of Addictive Crispy Crabstick
canister of Pot of Golden Miniature Tarts
canister of Cranberry Butter Cookie
canister of Melon Oolong Tea in 10 Sachets
Highly Addictive!
You have been warned!

Product Highlight
•  Freshly bake to order, less sweet  •  No Preservatives 
•  No added flavoring and MSG  •  Store at the cool and dry place 
•  Shelf Life : 3 months

*Last order 31/01/2024
**Delivery will be made from 23/01/2024 onwards