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Tea Color Painting : Interview with Ottilie Ng

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The new circuit breaker measures were first introduced on April 3 in a bid to curb community spread. In other words: stay at home and leave only for essential services such as grocery shopping. If you’re reading this now, chances are you’ve been working from home or staying in for some time now.
Ottilie Ng, a lady that passionates about ART. She tagged our founder in her recent post and we are intrigued to find how therapeutic it can be with tea color painting. We hope this interview gives you the canvas and brushes to start painting your own masterpiece with tea.

1. Are you able to share with us more on how you got started to where you are now?
How I get started to use TEA to paint.
A friend asked during this circuit breaker period, where can he gets some art/ painting materials?

This gives me the idea ‘why don’t we use material that are readily available at home?’

First thing came to my mind is coffee art. However, coffee art means you need to have coffee but I'm definitely NOT a coffee person. Hence, TEA.
Singapore weather has been superb hot and best is to do tea painting (shorten the drying process). In fact, this is my very first time trying out tea paintings too.
2. What have you found to be the motivations, inspirations and benefits in achieving a healthy work life balance through art?
NOW, in fact, is like our once in a lifetime stay home period.

Who doesn't like to go out, travel around the world, be adventurous and see this and that? 
Instead of dwelling in sad mood, relax yourself through ART, includes cooking, eat well, sleep well and all these are ART to me. Art is the way of life. 

Balancing is just like the relationship between the tea leaf and water temperature.
3. Have your goals and aspirations changed over time?
Goal of life = HAPPY 開心就好
4. Would you consider yourself to be a tea lover?
I had too much tea until I was hospitalised. Just kidding.
To me, I am yet to be in BGR with tea yet, I would say, we are at the 曖昧 stage
5. What is your impression of teas in general (thoughts/perceptions/associations)
Make the plain water becomes tasty drink.
Make the blank paper becomes a nice painting.
6. How have teas helped elevate your emotions in any way?
Due to personal health reasons, I can't take too much caffeine. Hence, GIFEL non-caffeinated teas are good selections that give me the energies I need, at the same time give me the ideas (the juice of art!).
7. What comes to mind when GIFEL is mentioned?
High end tea. 
8. Can you share with us your thoughts after trying out our tea flavours?
Natural in taste.
And fine... really fine teas!
9. What emotions are you able to associate with the flavours in this collection?
Peace & calm.

The Kimba’s colour – from the pinkish red turned periwinkle blue-purple after drying out. It is very therapeutic when you watching the drying process. 
10. In view circuit breaker and work from home, what is the best piece of advice would you give to all?
Best time to start something you never try before. It’s never too late to start.

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