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What's that stuff floating in my kombucha?

Posted by Marcom Department on

You might have been wondering what that stuff you sometimes see floating around in your kombucha is. 

Homemade Kombucha - 

It’s actually a SCOBY which stands for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast.
We are very fond of SCOBY because they are what cause the tea blend to ferment and develop nutritious and healthy properties.
Maybe you’ve also been wondering if this jelly-like substance is safe to consume. The answer is YES! The little jellies, as we like to call them, are condensed forms of the probiotic cultures found in kombucha. Some people drink the SCOBYs to get an extra portion of good probiotics. If you are not a fan of the consistency, however, feel free to filter it out!
If you don’t find anything floating around in your kombucha it can be for a few reasons. One main reason is that the kombucha is not a pure, raw brew and, in fact, is either thinned out with carbonated water or pasteurised to kill the live cultures. 
In other words, the formation of little jellies is one of the most obvious signs of a healthy kombucha brew. Remember that kombucha is a living tea and it is perfectly natural for it to continue growing when properly brewed. 
The next time you see little jellies floating around in your kombucha, enjoy your beverage knowing that your kombucha is the real deal full of its probiotic goodness.
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